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Steel ball skew rolling production line, best quality, reasonable prices

Steel ball skew rolling production line, best quality, reasonable prices

Yuantuo has more than 10 years of production experience. It specializes in the design and production of steel ball skew rolling production line for various types of steel balls. It has accumulated many years of accumulation, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the success of many steel ball skew rolling production line. Welcome to inquire about our steel ball skew rolling production line. We will provide you with induction heating technology and equipment quotations free of charge.

The automatic production line for rolling steel balls has no manual intervention and achieved automatic production, which can ensure the stability of the quality of the steel ball to a greater extent.

The production process is environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. The rolled steel balls has the characteristics of precise size, round shape, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and has high impact toughness and strong crushing resistance.

Steel Ball Production Line

Main composition of hot rolled steel ball machine

1. Storage rack and automatic feeding device
2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device
3.Steel ball skew rolling mill
4.Steel ball lifting and cooling device
5.Steel ball quenching system
6.Trolley type or an online mesh belt tempering furnace
7. Automatic control system for quenching temperature, quenching water and tempering temperature.

The innovative design of steel ball skew rolling production line has the following characteristics:

1. Automatic feeding control, improving automation and reducing labor intensity.
2. Heating part adopts induction heating technology, which has advantages of flexibility, energy saving and small oxidation skin compared with other furnace.
3.The machine frame adopts while casting process, which is more durable and stable.
4.The rolling mill is equipped with an electric lateral pressure adjusting device. Its adjustment is simple and easy to operate.
5.Closed loop temperature control for the bar heating, steel ball heat treatment to ensure the uniform heating for the steel balls.
6. The produced steel balls are of exquisite appearance, high hardness and low breakage rate.

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