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Specific use of medium frequency hardening equipment

Specific use of medium frequency hardening equipment

The medium frequency hardening equipment manufactured by Yuantuo has an important position and function in the surface heat treatment engineering. It mainly improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and increasing fatigue strength of the parts.

The medium frequency hardening equipment is a heat treatment equipment for obtaining the required surface properties, including surface quenching and hardening, which changes the chemical composition, structure and stress state of the metal surface by hardening heat treatment. With the continuous development of social economy and science and technology, the service conditions of parts are becoming more and more demanding. The requirements for wear, corrosion, fracture, especially fatigue fracture, under different service conditions are constantly upgraded, and more and more high requirements are required for the surface with special functions, and the durability of daily necessities is also made. And the requirements for decorative performance are also increasing. The expansion of social demand and the development of high technology have greatly promoted the development of surface hardening induction heat treating furnace technology. The use of medium frequency hardening equipment has become an important technological method in surface strengthening, surface anti-corrosion, mechanical repair and other fields, and is widely used in industrial production.

The failure of many metal parts occurs on the surface or starts from the surface. For example, the failure caused by the wear of the workpiece is on the surface of the metal workpiece, and the failure caused by fatigue is also starting from the surface, gradually expanding to the internal, and finally causing the fracture. Therefore, the electric heating device plays an important role in improving the surface properties of the workpiece and prolonging its service life and the potential of the workpiece. However, it is difficult for most of parts to obtain the high strength and wear resistance of the surface and the core high strength, toughness and plasticity through single heat treatment to meet the application requirements (such as wear conditions or fatigue movement). Even with advanced materials, the performance of the surface and the core can not be taken into account by single heat treatment.

For example, the automobile gearbox is subjected to impact and wear during operation.If we use general structural steel, it will have high plasticity and toughness to resist impact fracture after hardening. But after quenching, the hardness of structural steel is lower, and it is easy to wear and fatigue. In many cases, Yuantuo medium frequency hardening equipment can ideally solve the inconsistent requirements of performance from surface to the core, which can not only change the surface strength, hardness and wear resistance, but also maintain the plasticity and toughness of the core, so that the potential of the material can be fully exploited to meet the requirements of the production technology.

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