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Specialized customized steel billet heating furnace

FOREVER Electromechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of induction heating equipment for more than 20 years, according to your process requirements to customize the production of matching Steel billet heating equipment: we have a professional R & D team, professional design, process, production, acceptance, service and other one-stop induction heating equipment service process. Let you buy slab heating furnace equipment after no worries. Remote induction heating equipment mainly includes: stainless steel pipe heating equipment, billet heating furnace, stainless steel rod solid solution heat treatment production line, steel rod quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, steel pipe quenching heat treatment production line, leaf spring quenching equipment, slab hot rolling heating equipment, threaded steel quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, steel plate quenching furnace, sucker rod quenching production line, etc., we have hundreds of sets of induction heating equipment video for your reference

FOREVER electromechanical steel billet heating equipment has the characteristics:

1, often the customer relationship is whether the slab will deform after heating, please rest assured that our technical staff professional research, our induction heating equipment after heating treatment will not produce deformation phenomenon, and the hardness after heating is the same.

2, the steel billet induction heating furnace has uniform heating and does not overburn, because we install a two-color infrared temperature measuring device at the mouth of the slab heating furnace to display the heating temperature of the slab in real time, so the temperature performance of the workpiece produced is the same.

3. The steel billet heating furnace adopts PLC control system of man-machine interface, automatic intelligent control and one-click operating system of induction heating equipment, which saves labor and cost.

4. Induction heating equipment is a well-known brand at home or abroad, which ensures the quality and makes the performance of slab heating furnace stable in the process of use.

5. the steel billet heating furnace is controlled by air-cooled induction heating power supply, which saves more than 30% energy compared with ordinary water-cooled power supply, and can be used.

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