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Require hardening and tempering line for bars/pipe/slab? Email

Require hardening and tempering line for bars/pipe/slab? Email


Hardening and tempering line is very important for the steel heat treatment. Then in so many manufacturers, which supplier’s hardening and tempering line should you choose to buy?

Here Forever hardening and tempering line for bars/pipes/ slab has the following advantages :

1.For single line processing tubing / bar, the speed is very fast and running speed is flexible. In a few minutes, you can empty the entire line and prepare well for the next batch of materials processing. The downtime is the shortest;

2. All sizes of bars/pipes/slab can achieve the same processing efficiency;

3. Consistency of very high hardness and uniformity of microstructure;

4. Extremely high toughness and impact strength;

5. No decarburization occurs during the induction heat treating;

6.It is easier to set up in line processing parameters as per user’s production requirements.

7.After hardening and tempering line processing, the bar/pipe/slab can obtain very good linearity, which means that do not need to spend huge cost to buy heavy straightening equipment straightening high strength, Quenched and tempered materials).

8.Energy losses and related costs exist only in effective production;

9.Very low maintenance costs, does not require long downtime for maintenance.

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