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Reasonable investment of pipe hardening and tempering furnace is the key.

Reasonable investment of pipe hardening and tempering furnace is the key.

Steel pipe is widely used in different industries, which can be made into containers and can also be used for transportation of petroleum. And the performance requirements for steel pipes are different for different applications. Hardening and tempering furnace is an essential machine during steel pipe producing. Usually, user will do hardening and tempering heat treatment process to change the pipe internal structure performance. The processed steel pipe is applied in many fields, including highway, building, hydropower, water conservancy, petroleum and other fields, and its application value is very high.

For customers, reasonable investment in medium frequency induction heat treating furnace is a crucial knowledge, so how can we make a reasonable investment, it is also a problem that most investors are concerned about. The following article will be analyzed in detail, as follows:

What should be considered if making investment in pipe hardening and tempering furnace?

1.The first consideration is the type of equipment: because the induction induction heat treating furnace is not a single model, the production capacity of the induction heat treating furnace under various models is very different, and the price of the medium frequency heating equipment under different models is also different.

2.Consider the actual daily output demand: in the enterprise production, the user needs to select proper hardening and tempering furnace according to its own production requirement.

3.Considering the equipment quality: the quality of hardening and tempering furnace will not only affect the production of enterprises, but also affect the service life of the equipment;The failure rate of good quality machine is low, then it reduce the maintenance cost and time for users.

How to reasonably invest in hardening and tempering furnace?

How to make reasonable investment, the machine selection is very important, and then users should combine their own actual capital situation; and the premise is to choose some regular, direct selling manufacturers, because the continuous hardening and tempering furnace produced directly produced by the real manufacturer. User can get factory price and also communicate with engineers directly.

How much is the investment in continuous hardening and tempering furnace?

The investment cost of the continuous hardening and tempering furnace is effected by the specific configuration standard. As the cost of manufacturing equipment in different manufacturers is different, so the price of equipment is different. Therefore, users should request the manufacturer to provide every part materiel and brand in the production line and compare.

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