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Reasonable application of inductor can also save energy for billet induction heating furnace

Reasonable application of inductor can also save energy for billet induction heating furnace

Forever is a well-known manufacturer of medium frequency induction billet heater, providing users with high quality automatic induction heating equipment. Forever company has been engaged in induction heating and heat treatment industry for more than 10 years and now has become a well-known domestic high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. The company is located in Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, a well-known acrobatic town in the world. The superiority of its geographical position promotes the development of the company.

The induction billet heater is the important part of a continuous casting billet induction heating furnace and is indispensable. However, few people know that if the inductor is used properly, it will make your heat treatment process more energy-efficient. Today, we are looking at how to achieve energy saving through induction billet heater.

The multi-turn inductor is more efficient than the single turn inductor. Whether it is high-frequency induction billet heater or medium-frequency induction billet heater, in general, multi-turn has higher efficiency than single-turn.In short, the inductor voltage is high, the current is small, the effective part and the conductive part of the impedance ratio is large and so on.

A strong induction billet heater, that is, set magnet on the inductor. Magnets mounted on the inductor can improve the heating efficiency of the inductor. In practical production, silicon steel sheet bundles were used to mount the outer circle heating inductor to solve the problem that the high frequency power supply is insufficient to quench the roll, because it eliminates the magnetic line dissipation and makes the heating area more precisely located in a certain section; the high frequency heating inductor of the flywheel gear ring has also obtained similar results; in addition, it has been used in the large gear ring. On the inductor, the local mounted magnet conductor is used for heating test. The gear tooth of the mounted magnet section is faster than that of the non-magnet section (the workpiece does not rotate), and the temperature difference is more than 100 degrees centigrade. The above examples prove that the magnetic conductor mounted by the cylindrical heating inductor is not very good, but a powerful measure of high efficiency and energy saving.

The steel billet reheating furnace produced by Forever tends to be in the leading position in the same industry. It has the advantages of high heating efficiency, low failure rate, reliable protection and so on.



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