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Production Advantages of Steel Billet Reheating Furnace

FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a solution to reasonably match the Steel billet reheating furnace for users according to the size, material, capacity requirements, use site and other needs of users’ workpieces. The basic configuration of the equipment includes IGBT induction heating power supply, PLC intelligent control system, feeding and discharging racks, Induction heating furnace, etc., as well as far infrared thermometer, capacitor, power transformer, low-voltage distribution cabinet, closed cooling tower and other optional configurations for users to choose.

Production Advantages of Steel Billet Reheating Furnace:

1. When medium frequency induction heating furnace is used for heating in equipment production, no pollution will occur. Compared with ordinary flame furnace, the furnace has high thermal efficiency.

2. Process energy conservation. The medium frequency heating can save 31.5%~54.3% of energy for specific gravity oil heating, which is 5%~40% less than that for gas heating.

3. The oxidation burning loss of workpieces is less. The oxidation burning loss of workpieces heated by medium frequency is only 0.5%, the oxidation burning loss of workpieces heated by gas furnace is 2%, and that of coal-fired furnace is 3%. The medium frequency heating process is more material saving.

4. The heating quality is good, which can reduce the scrap rate by 1.5%, increase the productivity by 10%~30%, and extend the service life of the mold by 10%~15%.

5. The blanking force required after the long holding material is directly heated is small. The blanking equipment can be equipped separately, or the blanking mechanism can be set on the forging host, which shortens the conveying distance between the heating, blanking and forging processes, so as to strike while the iron is hot.

6. It is matched with the rolling machine with high automation and efficiency to realize the automation of the rolling production line and give full play to the production capacity of the rolling machine. The induction heating temperature is more uniform, and the temperature difference between the core and surface is small. The application of the temperature control system can achieve accurate control of the heating temperature.

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