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Principle of Induction Heating Equipment

when it comes to metal heat treatment furnace, we can all know that this is the equipment used for heating in vacuum environment. in recent years, the use of induction heating equipment has become more and more extensive. induction heating equipment has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, can reduce energy consumption, and the characteristics of long life are increasingly recognized by the majority of users. Induction heating equipment is exquisite, so more routine preventive maintenance work is needed.

induction preheating furnace

1.Induction heating equipment is an electronic device that requires a clean working environment, but in fact few manufacturers can do it. Fume dust is more, these dust and fume into the machine, will corrode the circuit board, although the factory has done the paint treatment, but for a long time, the pin of the electronic components will also produce leakage resistance, affecting the normal working state of the induction heating equipment. It is also bound to affect the service life of induction heating equipment. It is recommended that the conditions are relatively harsh environment, it is best to add exhaust fan, fume dust to the outdoor, to avoid entering or as little as possible into the machine. Dust the machine regularly.

2. Summer induction heating equipment matters needing attention, summer, high temperature, high humidity. If the cooling circulating water of the induction heating equipment is too low, it will be condensed on the cooling water box inside the machine and the secondary coil of the high frequency furnace transformer. It is recommended that a circulating water tank or pool be continuously injected with cold water when the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees. If the temperature rise of the machine is too high, consider adding a fan to increase heat dissipation. The winter temperature is low, the cooling water is easy to freeze, especially the induction heating equipment works during the day, does not work at night, the cooling water in the induction heating equipment is not emptied in time, and the machine is easily frozen out, and generally the secondary damage of the high frequency furnace transformer is more. Maintenance is more time-consuming and laborious, to the site maintenance is also limited by tools, equipment, space, generally can only return to the original factory maintenance. solution, high frequency furnace stop working, timely emptying the circulating water remaining in the machine, or add a timing device to let the circulating water pump work intermittently, i have added a lot of sets to the customer, the effect is very good.

3.Vacuum pumps, valves, measuring instruments, thermal instruments, electrical components and other accessories shall be repaired and maintained according to the technical instructions of the products


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