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Powerful manufacturer of billet induction heating furnace — Forever company

Powerful manufacturer of billet induction heating furnace — Forever company

At present, there are many kinds of billet induction heating furnace in the market, and the models of each manufacturer are more varied. However, no matter how the model is changeable, the electric heating equipment appearance produced by different manufacturers has not much difference.But their performance is much different including parameter record, workpiece range, heating speed, heating effect and so on. For example, SCR from some manufacturers has broken after operating several months. However, Forever main components are seldom broken as we usually purchase import components or domestic famous brand parts.

The demand of customers determines the trend of the market. At present, the most fundamental requirement of induction billet heater customers is the quality and practicality of the induction heating equipment. The essential factor to determine the machine quality is the superb manufacturing process and the high quality processing equipment as electric heating equipment. Therefore, only the manufacturers with rich induction billet heater design experience and powerful after-sales service can better meet users’ production requirement.

Medium frequency billet induction heating furnace has strong online performance and no pollution during production. The production environment of the heat treatment plant is good, and the workers’ labor efficiency is high.

Billet induction heating furnace is suitable for continuous production line with other equipment, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation of production.
The medium frequency induction heating equipment is heated by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, the heating speed of the metal workpiece is fast, the surface oxidation and decarburization of the parts are few, the production efficiency of the heat treatment plant is high, and the performance of the workpiece is good.

When the billet induction heating furnace starts to work, it does not produce harmful substances such as waste gas, waste smoke, noise and dust, and does not cause pollution in the production workshop environment. It can replace traditional heating methods such as resistance furnace and coal stove.

The far infrared thermometer is equipped with the system to realize the on-line real-time heating temperature monitoring, accurate temperature control, and the heat treatment performance of metal parts is guaranteed.

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