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Plate quenching equipment, high quality plate quenching furnace

FOREVER mechanical and electrical professional production of plate induction hardening line,and other industrial furnace equipment, plate quenching equipment through technical innovation, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and reliability. FOREVER electromechanical omni-directional service, plate quenching equipment quality is guaranteed!

The characteristics of the equipment: fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency. The surface oxidation decarbonization of parts is less, and the waste rate of parts is very low compared with other heat treatment. The production process is clean, there is no high temperature, and the working conditions are good. The control cabinet and transformer cabinet are installed separately, easy to operate and flexible to move.

FOREVER plate quenching equipment, with plate quenching equipment large production base, has passed ISO9001 certification, the company plate quenching equipment design professional, plate quenching equipment optimization Hengyuan.


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Specialist of bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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