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steel billet preheating induction heating furnace

Forever Electromechanical is a relatively large manufacturer of induction heating equipment in northern China, specializing in the research and development of induction heating equipment for more than 10 years. The products of induction heating equipment include: steel bar heating furnace, steel plate heating furnace, steel pipe heating furnace, long billet induction preheating furnace, aluminum bar heating furnace, copper rod heating furnace, and so on. Due to the advantages of efficient production, energy conservation, environmental protection, and intelligent low consumption, induction heating equipment has been deeply invested and praised by customers.

Analysis of the Advantages of steel billet heating furnace preheating induction heating furnace equipment:

1. Good insulation and efficient production

The furnace body of the steel billet preheating induction heating equipment is made of high-quality materials, which has a certain degree of insulation and insulation. The heating efficiency is over 85%, and it will not cause high temperature effects on the surrounding area, which can improve the working environment.


2. Produce multiple styles

steel billet preheating induction heating equipment is different from traditional metal heat treatment furnaces. Metal heating equipment can perform overall heating and local heating when heat treating workpieces. Local heating energy consumption is low, processing quality is better, and workpieces are not easily deformed.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

The steel billet induction heating furnace adopts an electromechanical integrated structural design, with a compact overall structure, which is convenient for customers to install and maintain in the later stage.

4. High yield and environmental protection

The steel billet preheating induction heating furnace uses electrical energy to heat treat and process metal workpieces, achieving environmentally friendly production. During the production process, there will be no waste gas, smoke, or dust pollution.

We also have many other furnaces, such as Forging heating furnace 、pipe induction heating equipment 、Hot rolled steel ball 、steel bar quenching and tempering furnace and so on.

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