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PC steel bar induction hardening and tempering equipment

FOREVER professional energy-saving and environmental protection automation PC steel bar induction heating equipment customized manufacturer, human-machine interface PLC full-automatic intelligent control PC steel bar induction heating and tempering line, one key start, simple operation, relatively old production efficiency, many production cases, get the trust of the majority of users! Welcome to consult induction heating equipment

induction heat treatment machine
Characteristics of technical parameters of induction heating and tempering line of steel bar:

1. Power supply system: quenching power supply: 160-1000kw / 0.5-2.5khz;

2. Tempering power supply: 100-600kw / 0.5-2.5khz

3. The hourly output is 0.5-3.5 tons, applicable to & Oslash; 20 – & Oslash; 120.

4. It uses quenching and tempering method, and the power consumption per ton is 420-480 degrees.

5. Conveying roller table: the axis of the roller table and the axis of the workpiece form an included angle of 18-21-deg.; the workpiece rotates while moving forward at a constant speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between furnace bodies adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled.

6. Heat treatment and tempering equipment temperature closed-loop control: both quenching and tempering are controlled by American Raytheon infrared thermometer and a closed-loop control system composed of German Siemens S7, with precise temperature control.

7. The core technology of FOREVER is that the PC steel bar induction heating and tempering line is controlled by IGBT induction heating power supply with air cooling, which is highly efficient in production. The power saving equipment is more than 30% of other equipment
FOREVER Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in induction heating industry for many years, with rich production experience. It has its own production base, products: steel bar heating furnace, steel tube heating furnace,steel billet heating furnace, steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel bar tempering line, steel pipe heat treatment furnace, steel bar hot rolling heating furnace and other products exported to many countries and regions, which are trusted by the majority of users. FOREVER Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has chosen induction heating equipment The manufacturer of induction heat treatment equipment is correct.

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