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New type stainless steel heat treatment equipment is more reasonable and directly profitable to users.

New type stainless steel heat treatment equipment is more reasonable and directly profitable to users.

In the market of induction heat treating furnace, there is simple and fine stainless steel heat treatment equipment. Simple structure type can also do quenching and tempering for the stainless steel. But their service life and heating efficiency has too much difference. It’s true that their production cost has much difference, but it depends on the users’ requirement. If you don’t have too much requirement for the line speed, then simple type is OK for you. But if your lot is big and required fast line speed, Forever suggests to try the good quality stainless steel heat treatment equipment.

The stainless steel heat treatment equipment designed by Forever mainly adopts the international famous brand IGBT high power components. This electronic component is the advanced power component now, allowing the user to save the expense in the later period. The stainless steel heat treatment equipment adopts the new generation PLC console, and its control is more comfortable. One console can make the whole set of machine complete the operation. Although there are many sizes of stainless steel, our IGBT frequency can meet different size heat treatment process, which reduce the users’ investment and workshop space. Another advantage of IGBT is that its performance is more stable, and there is no problem with the main components within 8-10 years. This reduces the difficulty user’s maintenance time and money, and the production doesn’t need to stop due to machine failure. The stainless steel heat treatment equipment can ensure the workpiece’s temperature and hardness to meet the needs of other users, replacing the traditional annealing furnace’s heat treatment method.

The generalization of the multi industry ensures the quality of the induction heat treating furnace and solves the difficult problem of replacing the non – standard parts in the process of user’s operation, and provides technical support for the promotion of the medium frequency heat treatment equipment in the market.

The medium frequency heat treatment equipment uses electric energy as the working energy, which has higher economic performance, less pollution to the environment, easy to maintain, and has good heating effect. In the year of 2018,we designed and produced one set of stainless steel quenching and tempering furnace for one Shanghai customer, and now the equipment is running well in user’s plant.

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