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Manufacturer of the steel ball hot rolling furnace

Forever Electromechanical has rich experience in manufacturing induction heating equipment, with a manufacturing workshop of 17300 square meters and a professional design center for Steel ball forging induction heating machine. Tailor a suitable steel ball heating furnace according to your process requirements. Buy a steel ball heating furnace from Hebei Forever Electromechanical Factory. Our company can provide you with on-site usage videos of heating steel ball equipment and reasonable online heating equipment solutions for steel balls!

steel ball hot rolling furnace is an efficient and energy-saving medium frequency induction hot rolling steel ball equipment used in industry for online heating of steel bars and bar materials, which are rolled by forging machines, rolling mills, and other equipment. Yuantuo steel ball heating furnace has the advantages of miniaturization and high power. The application range of steel balls is very wide, mainly used in metallurgical beneficiation, power, coal, construction cement, and chemical industries. High temperature deformation heat treatment of rolled steel balls has the advantages of simple production process, significant energy saving, and good wear resistance of steel balls.

Characteristics of  hot rolled steel ball production line

▲ Power saving: 30% less power than electronic tube type and 20% less power than thyristor intermediate frequency

▲ Stable performance: The steel ball heating furnace is fully protected and worry free

▲ Fast heating speed: no oxide layer, small deformation.

▲ Heat transfer and consistent surface temperature of the workpiece.


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