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Induction hardening oil drill pipe

Induction hardening oil drill pipe

Forever is known as trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of oil drill pipe induction hardening equipment, billet induction heater,bar induction heater,steel ball production line. We supply oil drill pipe induction hardening equipment in all over world. Our wide ranges of oil drill pipe induction hardening equipment is designed according to the requirements of the clients to suit their drilling pipe production requirement.

Hardening is one of Forever Induction’s main application areas. Thousands of our hardening solutions are at work around the world—the field of oil industry,automotive industry.

The main benefit of induction heating for hardening is that it takes just a few seconds. In a furnace, the same process can take hours or even days. How is that possible?

The answer is that induction is phenomenal at generating heat fast. This, in turn, means you can integrate hardening in the production process. Hardening in a furnace, on the other hand, is more time-consuming (greater heat loss) and requires moving the components either to your own furnace or to that of a sub-contractor.

Forever has designed and manufactured more than 20 sets of oil drill pipe induction heater for oil drill pipe induction heat treatment online. Besides,Forever induction heating equipment series includes steel ball skew rolling mill, steel pipe hardening and tempering production line, bill induction heating furnace. If you are interested, please let me know.

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