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Factory price for the steel pipe heat treatment furnace

Factory price for the steel pipe heat treatment furnace

Steel pipe heat treatment furnace mainly used to heat treating many sizes steel pipe.The heat treatment of the steel pipe usually including the steel pipe heating,steel pipe hardening,steel pipe tempering and  steel pipe welding so on.Forever furnace company’s steel pipe heat treatment was manufactured depending on our rich induction heat treating equipment experience .Because our company own  then our steel pipe heat treatment furnace has a good price compared with others.

Also there are many advantages of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace:

1.Heating speed is every fast.No need to preheat the furnace  in advance.

2. Heating good effect.The temperature between the core to the inner is small.

3.The heating temperature can be control by the intelligent control system.

4.Our service team supply the strong service support,

If you are interest in our products which equipped the advanced induction heating system,please feel free to contact with our company.Our service team is ready for you.


Post time: 07-14-2016