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Induction hardening long plate

Induction hardening long plate


Forever provides superior quality range of Online long plate induction hardening furnace which is developed using advanced techniques and are used in various applications. Our long plate induction hardening furnace is quality assured, highly reliable, secure, sustainable and are used in various industrial applications.Our long plate induction hardening furnace is quality tested, well verified and are safely supplied at the leading market range.

Long plate hardening heat treatment equipment advantages

1. Using PLC + touch screen form a complete human-machine interface system.
2. To achieve automatic control for heat treatment system.
3. Fault display and fault diagnosis system.

Main features for long plate induction hardening furnace

1.Fast heating speed, less oxidation decarburization.
2.High degree automation, good working environment, available to equip with computers, PLC and other remote control equipment,which can be fully automated unmanned operation.
3.Uniform heating, high efficiency, high precision temperature control,good process reproducibility.
4.The structure is simple, easy to disassemble,furnace replacement.

Forever is dedicated to developing induction heating equipment for more than 10 years, with a more professional R & D team, to create a professional Forever induction heating furnace, professional control system, professional material selection, professional after-sales service!

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