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Induction hardening equipment

Induction quenching equipment is used in industry for various rules of metal workpiece heating treatment equipment, at present our main induction quenching furnace includes: steel bar quenching furnace, steel pipe quenching furnace, steel bar heat treatment equipment, etc. Induction hardening equipment is to improve the hardness and wear resistance of metal workpiece by heating and quenching. Metal  Induction quenching system has the following advantages:

induction hardening machine

1. Integration of feeding system, heating system and quenching system

The complete set is strong and the combination is reasonable, which effectively saves the time for customers to purchase equipment.

2. High precision design ensures zero wear of materials

The conveying roller bed of material rack adopts V-shaped roller design, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and will not damage the workpiece in the process of use.

3. Perfect control system

In order to effectively ensure the quenching effect of the workpiece, our heat treatment equipment is ready to step on the temperature closed-loop control system, with high precision of temperature control.

4. Independent electronic control counter control operation

The main electrical components are famous brands, easy to operate and accurate to control.

5. Reliable quality and stable performance

Hebei FOREVER has many years of experience in the production of Hardening And Tempering machine, light, flexible and reasonable rack design, strict factory debugging, so as to ensure the smooth operation of each equipment and reliable performance. After the improvement of induction quenching equipment, quality and precision is higher, and the efficiency is faster. In order to meet the requirements of the manufacturers for metal heat treatment, we have been working hard.


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