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How to reduce the heat treatment deformation of metal workpiece?

In order to improve the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties of metal workpieces, it is necessary to carry out heat treatment processing, but in the process of machining, deformation will inevitably occur, so it is very necessary to learn to control the deformation of Metal heat treatment

There are many kinds of heat treatment processes applied in industry, but their basic processes are all thermal processes, which are composed of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. The whole process can be described by several parameters, such as heating rate, heating temperature, holding time, cooling rate and heat treatment period. In the heat treatment process, various reheating furnaces are used in which the metal heat treatment is carried out (e.g. annealing in basic heat treatment, quenching, tempering, carburizing in chemical heat treatment, ammonia carburizing, aluminizing, chromizing or dehydrogenation, deoxidation, etc.). Therefore, the temperature measurement in the heating furnace has become an important process parameter measurement of heat treatment. In each heat treatment process specification, temperature is very important content. If the temperature measurement is not accurate, the heat treatment process specification will not be carried out correctly, so that the quality of the product will decline or even be scrapped. The measurement and control of temperature is not only the key of heat treatment, but also the key factor of deformation.

The main results are as follows:

(1) the loss of high temperature strength and plastic resistance of workpieces are decreased after the process temperature is reduced. In this way, the overall ability of the workpieces to resist stress deformation, quenching deformation and creep resistance at high temperature is enhanced, and the deformation will be reduced.

(2) when the process temperature is reduced, the temperature range of the workpiece will decrease, and the temperature inconsistency of the parts will also decrease, and the thermal stress and microstructure stress will also be reduced, so that the deformation will be reduced.

(3) if the process temperature is decreased and the heat treatment process time is shortened, the high temperature creep time of the workpiece will be reduced and the deformation will also be reduced.

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