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How to process steel balls?

How to process steel balls?

Forever Furnace is specialized in designing and manufacturing steel ball hot rolling production line which can process the steel balls of diameter 20 mm -150 mm. We can provide the water cooling tower,so you need not make water pool in your factory.

The steel ball can be divided into two types according to the processing method:

1.Casting steel ball: The factory take scrap steel as the raw material and melting the steel and molding through model.

2.Forged steel ball:The factory use special round steel bar as the raw material and then use induction electric furnace to heat steel bar to certain temperature.Then use the air hammer to forging process.Finally the factory adopts quenching for the steel balls.Steel ball hot rolling is one of forging heating process technology,which has replaced casting steel ball process gradually.

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Post time: 04-29-2016