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how much is a set of steel hardening and tempering equipment

steel bar induction hardening and tempering furnace refers to induction heating equipment, which adopts electromagnetic principle, high efficiency and environmental protection, and is favored by the majority of heat treatment manufacturers. The following will be a brief overview of the price of steel conditioning furnace and manufacturers, for users to invest and purchase as a reference.

First, induction heating equipment is mainly used as a kind of metal heat treatment furnace equipment commonly used in heat treatment industry at present. Induction heating furnace is widely used in mines, building materials, roads, railways, wind power and petroleum industries.

Second, induction heating equipment working principle induction heating furnace, using electromagnetic principle to heat the metal workpiece heat treatment, through the inductor will directly produce heat from the inside of metal steel, heat loss in the heating process, heat efficiency as high as 95%, with the characteristics of fast heating speed, short heating time, high production output, high production efficiency of steel bar quenching and tempering production line.

Third, the price of steel conditioning equipment in the induction heating equipment price market is not only affected by the quality of the equipment, but also affected by the size of the equipment manufacturer, the size of the equipment selection and the technical content of the equipment, all of which will have a certain impact on the price of the steel conditioning furnace. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that users must compare the goods to the three when purchasing the intermediate frequency conditioning production line, choose the best, do not choose blindly, and again, Must go to the regular manufacturer to choose and purchase, because the steel conditioning heat treatment furnace there, whether the equipment quality or the equipment price is much better than the round steel heat treatment and tempering production line produced by the ordinary small workshop, in addition, the formal induction heating equipment manufacturer equipment after sale is relatively more secure.

Fourth, induction heating equipment manufacturer Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical as a professional manufacturer of medium frequency conditioning production line, its steel bar conditioning furnace quality is good, the types of models are complete, the price is more reasonable and favorable. If necessary, you can directly call Yuantian electromechanical, technical engineer 24 hours standby.


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