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Hot sale oil drill pipe heat treatment heating equipment

Forever is a customized oil drill pipe hardening and tempering equipment for customers, professionally designed to handle steel pipes with a diameter range of ∅ 159- ∅ 340.

This production line adopts industrial computer control technology, ensuring high precision and efficiency in the heat treatment process, and achieving a designed output of about 2000 kilograms of steel pipe quenching and tempering per hour. By integrating 4 KGPS intermediate frequency power supplies (1250KW+750KW for quenching heating and 750KW+500KW for tempering heating).


This system provides stable and efficient heating capacity, ensuring the continuity and consistency of quenching and tempering processes. The design of its induction heating equipment adopts a rotating feeding method and a mobile temperature compensation heating, ensuring the uniformity of steel pipe heating and meeting the strict standards of steel pipe core surface temperature difference and front and rear temperature difference ≤ ± 10 degrees in heating requirements. This design not only improves heating efficiency, reduces the power consumption per ton of oil drill pipe hardening and tempering machine (about 500 degrees electricity), but also ensures temperature control accuracy during the heat treatment process through online temperature compensation and heating follow-up devices at the end, thereby meeting the requirements of heat treatment.

The control system of this oil drill pipe heat treatment furnace adopts an industrial computer+PLC1200 control system, which not only displays real-time power operation parameters, workpiece temperature, output, water temperature, and shift personnel information, but also stores a large amount of data, including heating curves and heat treatment programs for hundreds of types of steel, ensuring the convenience of operation and data query.


oil drill pipe heat treatment

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