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FOREVER high power intermediate frequency electric furnace

medium frequency hardening equipment is composed of 12000KW~20000KW/24 pulse rectifier mode of KGPS high power intermediate frequency power supply. At present, these high power intermediate frequency electric furnaces are mainly used for melting, and are also very suitable for heating large metal (steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) workpiece and profile (tube, plate, belt, rod, etc.). Based on the principle of electromagnetic effect, a kind of inductor heating equipment which makes the metal material warm up until it melts can also penetrate the non-metallic material because of the large vortex current in the metal material in the alternating magnetic field. Heat metal materials locally or completely quickly.

FOREVER high power medium frequency electric furnace application field:

1, metal bar material heat permeability. After adding through, forging, rolling and other heat treatment can be carried out.

2, the steel plate is heated and bent. Such as: agricultural tool hoe, etc.

3, all kinds of standard parts, fasteners of diathermic molding.

4, hardware tools diathermy, such as pliers, wrenches and other heating and diathermy molding.

5, the conical handle extrusion of prospecting drill rod.

6, diathermic forming of steel pipe. Such as: bend pipe, stretch, etc.

7, heating molding of automobile and motorcycle accessories.

8. Hot upsetting of all kinds of mechanical parts.

The new type of IGBT high power series resonant intermediate frequency power supply produced by FOREVER electric furnace in Hebei Province has the advantages of saving electric energy, no high order harmonic pollution and good stability. It is a renewal product of medium and small power KGPS series thyristor intermediate frequency smelting furnace.

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