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Hebei Hengyuan Electric Furnace specializes in providing complete sets of Induction heating equipment

The medium frequency electric furnace manufactured by Hebei Hengyuan  metal heat treatment furnace can be heated by 300-8000Hz power supply according to the geometric shape and heating process requirements of different material workpieces, which is mainly used for permeable heat, reheating and blue quenching of bar, round steel, square steel and steel plate. On-line heating, local heating, metal materials in short duration, extrusion, hot rolling, pre-shear heating, as well as metal materials as a whole quenching, annealing, tempering and so on. Hebei Hengyuan electric furnace to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers is our eternal pursuit.

When induction heating is carried out, when the temperature is constant, the relative permeability decreases with the increase of magnetic field intensity, and the magnetic field intensity inside the conductor is uneven and decays from the surface to the center, so the relative permeability increases from the surface to the center. In the heating process, because the surface temperature of the heated metal is high and the center is low, the resistance and relative permeability of the point on the cross section are also different, and the steel is constantly changing, such as the steel after the local point is compared with that before the Curie point. The penetration depth of the current increases by 7 times 9 times. In order to make the inductor obtain higher electric efficiency, reduce the magnetic flux leakage in space, and minimize the gap between the induction coil and the blank, the induction heating equipment produced by our company can obtain higher electrical efficiency, reduce the magnetic flux leakage in space, and minimize the gap between the induction coil and the blank. Because the medium frequency induction heating furnace is lined with thermal insulation layer and heat resistant layer in the induction coil, the gap between the heat resistant layer and the blank is very small, and the heat of the blank is transmitted to the cooling water in the pure copper pipe of the coil through the heat resistant layer and the thermal insulation layer.

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