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Heating equipment before steel ball rolling – Forever furnace

The heating equipment before ball rolling literally means that the round steel bar is heated to the rolling temperature (- generally 1050-1200) by the heating furnace and then rolled into steel balls by the rolling mill. At present, there are combustion furnaces, coal-fired furnaces and induction heating furnaces used steel ball heating furnace. However, due to the vigorous implementation of the energy-saving and consumption reduction policy by the state, the electric heating furnace for heating equipment before ball rolling has become the mainstream product! Next, the 20-year professional technical engineer of FOREVER electromechanical will take you to understand the heating equipment before steel ball rolling!

Steel ball production has a long history. Since the birth of wear-resistant steel ball, the production process of forged steel ball and cast steel ball has been continued. This kind of steel ball has low efficiency, high energy consumption, poor working environment and high labor intensity

Production is an indisputable fact. The popular round steel hot rolling ball production process in recent 10 years has completely solved these problems. The new rolling process technology of hot rolling ball is the process technology of wear-resistant steel ball manufacturing industry

Technical breakthrough, and gradually replace forged steel balls and cast steel balls. FOREVER electromechanical has nearly 20 years of design and manufacturing history of medium frequency heating, and has more than 100 manufacturing experience in steel ball production heating equipment.

Advantages of heating equipment before steel ball rolling:

1. The medium frequency automatic control enables the bars with uniform temperature to enter the l-ball machine to ensure the hot rolling uniformity of steel balls.

2. The machinery is perfectly matched with the medium frequency, and the closed-loop control is realized through the computer system,

3. The quenching temperature of heat treatment is automatically controlled to ensure the quenching quality.

4. The roll automatic fast back function ensures that the roll will not be damaged during rolling.

5. After the red hot billet is fed into the steel ball mill, it rotates between two rolls with special spiral shape, and is continuously rolled into steel balls. The steel ball mill can roll 40-120 steel balls per minute.

6. The rolled red hot steel ball immediately enters the on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching and reheating heat treatment, so that the steel ball can obtain high and uniform hardness.

The above is the relevant introduction about the round steel heating ball production line compiled for you by the professional technical engineers of FOREVERsteel-bar-heating-furnace-for-forging electromechanical manufacturer based on nearly 20 years of technical experience. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, please call us for consultation and visit the factory!

Post time: 07-12-2022