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Heat treatment process commonly used equipment!

Heat treatment process is an indispensable process to improve the surface quality of metal workpiece, and the  metal heat treatment furnace

is needed to complete the heat treatment process of metal workpiece.

As the technical requirements of the parts are improved, the performance and the technical indexes of the equipment are more strict, the first heat treatment equipment is to ensure the realization of the process parameters, the operation is simple, the manual labor is reduced, the mechanical or automatic is easy, the production efficiency is high, and the energy-saving and energy-saving and environment-friendly are These are the issues that must be taken into account and considered by our selection of equipment and the heat treatment of parts using the equipment.

The application and specific operation of heat treatment equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, and the operator shall be skillful at the same time, understand and carry out the necessary maintenance, detect and remove general faults, and be able to meet the requirements of the material and specific shape of the parts, The knots contain heat treatment requirements such as no special requirements, deformation, furnace loading, placement forms between parts, careful implementation of process documents, process codes and operating instructions, and through the analysis of the six major factors affecting the quality of heat treatment products. To find out the solutions to specific problems, we should pay attention to many kinds of heat treatment equipment and require operators to study carefully the working principle and function, construction, operation methods and matters needing attention of the equipment, and so on. It lays a good foundation for heat treatment of parts.


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