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Grinding steel ball production process

Grinding steel ball production process

We are the direct manufacturer,specializing in the production of grinding steel ball production line For More than 12 years. We production line can be used to manufacture chrome steel ball and low carbon alloy steel balls with three process including casting, forging and hot rolling.If you are looking for the factory of steel ball production line,we will be glad to support you!

Forever steel balls automatic production line  has following advantages:

1. Automatic control quenching temperature to ensure the quenching quality.
2. Automatic roll fast rewind function to ensure the rollers be not damaged.
3. Automatic feeding function, improve the material utilization.
Forever design the steel ball hot rolling production line is fully automatic production line, up to the latest levels of hot-rolled steel ball production.
Forever design and manufacture series steel ball hot rolling production line, including D20, D30, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D100, D120 etc complete size of steel balls miller lines, can produce φ 20 ~ 120mm different size steel balls.

【Advantages of rolling balls】

1、Good surface and roundness;
2、Equilibrium Internal and external hardness(<5HRC);
3、Low broken rate and long working life;
4、High density, strong impact toughness;
5、High performance price ratio, power saving is obvious.

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Post time: 09-13-2016