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Forever delivery for slab hardening and tempering line today

Forever delivery for slab hardening and tempering line today

Since its establishment in 1999, Forever start from induction forging furnace. With the technology development and process mature, Forever started to be involved in the field of heat treatment 6 years ago. Now we have many cases in the hardening and tempering line for steel bar, steel pipe, slab, tubes, sheet etc.

Today our slab hardening and tempering line is sent to customer’s plant for running. The technical requirement is as follows:

Slab size: 70mm*40mm;

Slab length: 6m;

Power for induction hardening:: 200KW

Power for induction tempering:120KW  

Slab hardening and tempering line configuration: induction heating system (induction quenching furnace, quenching channel), induction heating power supply, storage rack (feeding, rack), PLC console etc..   As slab shape is special, the conveying roller table can not the same with round bar.  

For the common round bars and pipes, it is easier to achieve with hardening and tempering line, but if for some special shape work piece, we have to consider the heating uniformity and conveying mode, such as square tube.Forever has electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and PLC engineer, we believe they can help you to solve the problems of induction heat treating equipment.

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