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Forever bar hardening and tempering line will bless for Sichuan earthquake

Forever bar hardening and tempering line will bless for Sichuan earthquake

By the end of 9 o’clock in the morning, in Sichuan earthquake, 19 people were killed, 343 people were injured; more than 60000 people were transferred to safety area. Forever hardening and tempering line felt very sad hearing this news and bless for Sichuan people.

Within 12 hours, there is twice 6.0 earthquake in Sichuan Abazhou and Jinghe county. The two earthquakes are related? China Earthquake Network Center experts pointed out that the two places are in different seismic zones, but the same power source, the two earthquakes marked our country may enter the frequent period of seismic activity.

It can not be avoidable that the earthquake happens. The only thing we can do is that before the earthquake, we can understand the earthquake escape knowledge and minimize the damage.

According to the official report of the China Seismological Network Center, there were 26 times earthquake at Jiuzhaigou,Sichuan province. The last time earthquake is July, 22th,2013.

These disasters will be away from us one day, Forever believes that the future of light is waiting for you. Be strong, Sichuan people. Tomorrow will be another day!

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Post time: 08-10-2017