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Don’t cry wait until hardening and tempering line has fault

Don’t cry wait until hardening and tempering line has fault


Car is loved by the majority of man, so Forever will not repeat to you how important the maintenance for the car. Regular maintenance cars can not only make the car has better performance, but also can improve the car’s life. This is also true for hardening and tempering line. If you do maintenance work well for your hardening and tempering line in the daily life, your hardening and tempering line can work longer and better.

Today, Forever will tell you how to regularly maintain the hardening and tempering line

1.Clean the inside and outside of the hardening and temperling line including a variety of solder joints cleaning and inspection, relays, contactors, contacts and core clean, replace the circulating water, remove the water cooling system scale, replace aging deterioration of water pipes.

2.Check the insulation and oil leakage for the capacitor or replace them.

3. Checking the inverter output waveform and safety margin.

4. Calibration instruments and protection relays.

5. Check each thyristor pressure resistance and resistance absorption resistance.

6. Tighten the conductive part of the connecting bolts and terminals and fixed screws

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Post time: 08-11-2017