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Contact Yuantuo for high quality induction heating furnace

Contact Yuantuo for high quality induction heating furnace

Hebei Yuahtuo is a well-known supplier of induction heating furnace in China. The main equipment is forging heating equipment, medium frequency diathermy furnace, induction hardening equipment, induction annealing equipment, hardening and tempering furnace and other heat treatment equipment mainly used in standard parts heating, diathermy; fasteners heating,diathermy; round bar heating or diathermy; wind power bolt quenching, grinding rod quenching, torsion rod quenching and tempering, pipeline annealing and so on.

The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is composed of intermediate frequency power supply, induction heating coils, intermediate frequency control system and so on. The medium frequency power supply is transferring the three phase frequency AC power into DC power through rectifier. Then it will be transferred into the single phase IF AC power through inverter to supply power to the induction heating furnace. Then the heat treatment equipment makes use of the electromagnetic induction principle to make the workpiece to generate heat in the alternating magnetic field.

The performance characteristics of Yuantuo induction heating furnace:

1. The central control circuit panel uses the computer optimization design, the unit circuit optimization combination, the equipment performance is stable, the production work piece quality is reliable, the equipment anti-interference performance is strong.

2. The layout of the components is coordinated and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient.

3.Induction heating furnace operates stably, and no current will impact on the equipment during operation.

4. We use the single signal high sensitive trigger circuit for the inverter starting signal of the induction heating furnace, and further increase the starting performance of the medium frequency induction heating furnace, and make the success rate of the equipment up to 99%

5.Constant power circuit control system can adjust the voltage and current to the suitable setting with the workpiece changes in the production course, which does not need to adjust the inverter cut-off angle manually;

6.Intermediate frequency induction heating furnace has perfect protection measures such as overvoltage, over current, undervoltage, water shortage, lack of phase, limited voltage, limiting current and so on. The reliability of induction heating furnace and the stability of work are guaranteed.

7. Highly integrated circuit solutions. Debugging and operation are quick, simple and easy to learn.

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