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Components and importance of steel bar heating equipment

Components and importance of steel bar heating equipment

Firstly, the induction heating power supply, the IGBT module is used as the main device of the steel bar heating equipment. The circuit adopts the uncontrolled full bridge rectifier, the capacitor filter, the bridge inverter and the series resonant output. Uncontrollable rectifier, full conduction of the rectifier circuit. The high power factor and voltage series resonance decide the power saving of the steel bar heating equipment. The single signal high sensitive trigger circuit is used for the inverter start signal, which further increases the starting performance of the bar induction heating furnace, making the success rate of the intermediate frequency up to 99%. The component layout is reasonable and the maintenance is convenient. The protection system is perfect, such as overvoltage, over current, undervoltage, water shortage, lack of phase, current and voltage limit so as to ensure the reliability and work stability of the steel bar heating equipment.

Secondly, the transformer in the steel bar heating equipment, its capacity is usually selected according to the power of the variable frequency power supply 3-5 times. In production, the temporary load rate of the transformer is different. The multi turn ratio medium frequency transformer (hereinafter referred to as the transformer) is mainly used for induction heating, such as quenching, bending, welding,diathermy and so on.

It is different from ordinary transformers and must be used under the condition of cooling water. The application range of multi turn ratio intermediate frequency transformer for steel bar heating equipment is suitable for working frequency of 8KHz.

Yuantuo steel bar heating equipment can be made according to the user’s workpiece technology. The mechanical stability of the induction heating furnace, the specification of the component selection and the practicality of the control system for the intermediate frequency technology are all criteria for judging the performance of the steel heating equipment. The performance of the steel bar heating equipment also determines the quality of the entire process, so it’s very important to chooes one reliable and strong supplier.

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