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China professional steel bar hardening and tempering production line

China professional steel bar hardening and tempering production line

Hebei Yuantuo is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, production and sale of induction heat treating furnace. After years of efforts, we have developed a series of perfect steel bar hardening and tempering furnace to meet the different needs of the users. It makes full use of advanced technology and management concept of the frontier and combines modern industrial advanced manufacturing technology and provides timely quality and reliable equipment for customers through the full range of pre sales and after-sales service.

Now more and more industries have used the induction heating equipment in the production, and there are also more and more enterprises entering the induction heating equipment industry. Our company is focusing on the induction hardening and tempering furnace in various fields and the heating solutions for the application of various industries. With the continuous development of industry, we feel that the technology of heating should be constantly improved and the scope of application will be expanded.

Yuantuo induction heating equipment is widely used in heating and heat treatment of steel bar, pipe, rod (sucker rod, piston rod, automobile stabilizer bar, etc.), plate and steel billet. The equipment has the functions of continuous heating, simultaneous heating, continuous heating, piecewise simultaneous heating and so on.

The PLC and frequency conversion system are used to locate and scan the workpiece, and the integrated quenching liquid circulating cooling system can be configured through PLC and power supply to achieve full automatic production.

The steel bar hardening and tempering furnace is mainly composed of three main parts: induction heating furnace, medium frequency power supply and control system. It is composed of heating furnace body, pinch roller, clamping and rotating mechanism, quenching transformer and resonant groove road, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system, electric control system and so on.

The working flow of induction heat treating furnace: Artificial feeding-feeding mechanism-roller table transmission-induction heating quenching-discharging mechanism-roller tablr for output-spray cooling-induction heating for tempering-cooling bed-receiving platform.

It can be manufactured according to the work-piece process of the user. For special parts or special processes, special induction heating equipment can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of heating process.

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