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Billet reheating furnace manufacturer china

Steel billet reheating furnace  is a non-standard induction heating equipment tailored according to the actual needs of users. The billet reheating furnace adopts man-machine interface PLC full-automatic intelligent control system, which has high production efficiency, energy-saving IGBT induction heating power control and low power consumption.

Billet reheating furnace is a professional equipment for heating billet, which is mainly used for temperature supplement, temperature increase or direct heating to the rolling temperature before steel rolling.

Case reference of billet secondary heating furnace customized by FOREVER for customers:

1. Billet size: 110mm × 110mm × 7000mm

2. The billet weight is about 88.5kg/m

3. Initial temperature 800 ℃, rolling temperature 1200 ℃, supplementary temperature 400 ℃

4. Heating speed: 3.0m/min

5. Maximum bending of steel billet before entering the furnace: ≤ 3mm / M


Design of billet reheating furnace:

1. The total heating power of billet secondary heating furnace is 2500kw (the specific parameters can be designed for you according to your needs)

2. The billet secondary heating furnace adopts a heating line, and the heating is divided into three zones. The total load of the billet electric heating furnace is 2500kw. The heating speed can meet 3.0m/min. The heating mode of the  billet induction heating furnace is the longitudinal heating of the workpiece, which is equipped with three zones: preheating zone, heating zone and insulation zone.

3. Three sets of medium frequency energy-saving induction heating power supplies control the production of the whole set of billet secondary heating furnace.

4. The mechanical part is composed of storage platform, feeding system, discharging system, water-cooled idler, temperature measurement system, control system, etc.

Specialized  in manufacturing billet induction reheating furnace since 1999, Forever Furnace will be very  glad to be your business partner in the field of  billet heating equipment production!

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