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Billet reheating furnace manufacturer

The Steel billet reheating furnace is selected from Hebei Forever electromechanical Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment. It provides you with tailor-made billet heating equipment, billet heating furnace of steel plant,steel billet induction reheating furnaceof steel plant, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, and after-sales worry free billet heating equipment – provides a full set of

billet heating furnace solutions for steel plant.


Brief introduction of billet heating equipment

Medium frequency billet induction heating equipment is a non-standard heating equipment that uses the electromagnetic induction principle to heat the billet for rolling. It is generally used together with the billet rolling equipment to form a billet heating and rolling production line. Medium frequency billet heating equipment has mature induction heating technology, high-quality raw materials and closed-loop temperature control system.

Characteristics of continuous casting billet heating furnace

1. Simple production operation, flexible feeding and discharging, high automation, and online production;

2. High heating speed, less oxidation decarbonization and high efficiency;

3. The workpiece heating length, speed, temperature and other controllable precision are high;

4. The workpiece is heated evenly, the core surface temperature difference is small, and the control accuracy is high;

5. The sensor can be carefully manufactured according to customer requirements;

6. Comprehensive energy-saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and lower production cost than coal burning;

7. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, has little pollution, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

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