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Billet heating furnace 1000 kw

Billet heating furnace 1000 kw

Forever manufacturers supplies the most energy-efficient 1000KW billet-heating furnace on the market. In order to optimize your system’s operation, Forever can supply the complete billet heating furnace including power supply,capacitor and cooling tower. And you can find steel billet heating furnace, aluminum billet heating furnace and copper billet heating furnace with advanced induction heating technology.

Heat large billet (steel, copper, aluminum) for total forging or hot rolling.(100KW-8000KW)

induction forging furnace system

1. Latest technology–self made and design power supply which can adjust and control heating time and temperature.
2. LC series circuit and voltage feedback design achieve energy saving up to 30%.
3. Diode rectification technology make sure high power factor – 0.98
4. Soft switch technology ensure high efficiency up to 90%
5. Be started up 100% at any load, 100% continue duty
6. Power & frequency tracking automatically improve reliability of equipment
7. Perfect protection system enhance long-term performance

1. Temperature control system can ensure heating precise.
2. Automatic Feeding System and delivery system to transmission billet, reducing labor cost.
3. External cooling system–closed cooling tower enhance good reliability of induction machine.

Forever will be responsible for installment,commission for induction heating equipment from our factory and will provide complete technical documents or any information what users need.

This news is from Forever-billet induction heating furnace producer.

Post time: 09-14-2016