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Basic configuration and characteristics of stainless steel heat treatment equipment

Basic configuration and characteristics of stainless steel heat treatment equipment

The progress of science and technology and the development of society are changing our mode of production. In this era of fierce competition, the demand for induction heat treating furnace market is higher and higher.

Forever stainless steel heat treatment equipment is using the advanced IGBT module, which greatly improves the heating speed of the billet, improves the production efficiency of the users, and the induction heating technology makes the production more energy-saving. From the market perspective, from the perspective of production demand, stainless steel heat treatment equipment has great potential for development.

Forever has nearly twenty years’ experience in the development of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for steel products. Stainless steel heat treatment equipment adopts twelve pulse feeding line, automatic feeding, automatic unloading and temperature sorting function. Here we will tell you the basic configuration of stainless steel heat treatment equipment for steel.

1.Intermediate frequency induction resonant power supply
A series of medium frequency power supply, full touch screen control, pure digital tuning, high power output, fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection, we have nearly twenty years of induction heat treatment industry experience.

2. Induction heating equipment induction coil is designed according to the size of the user’s workpiece and the speed of heating. The inductor brass becomes uniform design. It is designed by the engineers of many years’ experience in electrical and mechanical work. It is easy to control and has good thermal insulation temperature. The outside of the furnace is protected by 8-10mm yellow board, which is more durable.

3. PLC control system combined with man-machine interface
PLC man-machine interface, the operation interface is very simple, full digital, high depth adjustable parameters.According to different countries and regions to provide the corresponding language switch, with one button to the production date.

What are the characteristics of the professional stainless steel heat treatment equipment?

1. Small footprint: there is only one induction heater in the stainless steel heat treatment equipment.

2.Intermediate frequency voltage output, energy saving up to 15% ~ 20%;

3. Use double insulation treatment for the machine
The service life and reliable performance are effectively improved; the thin lining design reduces the space leakage; the energy conversion efficiency is extremely high so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

4. The water cooling roller is made of stainless steel. In order to prevent the corrosion of the spark, the transmission shaft and the roller shaft are mutually insulated.

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