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Bar induction quenching and tempering furnace

Round bar hardening and tempering furnace is a new high-quality medium frequency heating equipment designed to meet the production demand of customers for high yield, low cost, more environmental protection and lower carbon. It is an ideal choice for heat treatment equipment. It is developed and manufactured by FOREVER Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the combination of domestic production experience for many years. So what are the application fields and product characteristics of bar quenching and tempering equipment?

Application field of Induction heating equipment: induction heating equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment specially for the hot processing of metal steel, which can be used for the processing of metal steel of various materials, such as common workpiece steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel plate heating equipment, etc. medium frequency heating equipment is widely used in mining machinery and petroleum machinery , wind power heating equipment, railway transportation and other industries.

Product characteristics of bar quenching and tempering equipment

1. Small wear, low failure rate and long service life. High quality structure design is selected, all parts and wear-resistant parts are professional specifications, and a fully automatic lubricating oil supply system is provided.

2. Compact structure, small floor space. The traditional metal heating furnace occupies a large area of space, which affects the planning and space planning of customers’ occasions. The bar quenching and tempering steel bar heating equipment realizes the compact structure of power supply, inductor, material rack, etc., which can make customers’ workshop space effectively used.

3. Low labor intensity and high output power. PLC intelligent electric control system is used in bar quenching and tempering equipment to reduce labor intensity and increase production power.

4. It can be used in a wide range. The bar quenching and tempering equipment can design multiple groups of induction heaters according to the actual needs of users. It only needs to change the adjustment sensors according to the specifications of the workpiece and select the corresponding program number.

The bar quenching and tempering equipment produced by our company is superior to other manufacturers in quality, performance, price and other aspects. Welcome interested friends to visit our factory at any time to have a further detailed understanding of the equipment.



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