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Bar induction hardening equipment

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Main technical parameters of steel bar induction hardening and tempering:

1. Power supply system: quenching power supply: 160-1000kw / 0.5-2.5khz, hourly output 0.5-3.5t, applicable range: diameter 20-diameter 60.

2. Conveying roller table: the included angle between the axis of roller table and the axis of workpiece is 18-21 ° and the workpiece rotates on one side and moves forward at a constant speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel with water cooling.

3. Roller grouping: feed group, inductor group and discharge group are controlled independently, which is conducive to continuous heating without gap between workpieces.

4. Temperature closed-loop control: both quenching and tempering adopt American Raytheon infrared thermometer and German Siemens S7 form a closed-loop control system to accurately control temperature.

5. Industrial computer system: real time display of the working parameters of the state, workpiece parameters memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions.

6. Energy conversion: quenching method is adopted, and the power consumption per ton is 450-540 degrees.

7. According to the needs of users, remote operation platform with touch screen or industrial computer system is provided.

Features of bar induction hardening equipment:

The Steel bar hardening and tempering equipment designed by FOREVER mechanical and electrical engineer adopts inclined V-shaped roller in the transmission design to reduce the small diameter run out. By using the pressure jet cooling technology, the cooling medium ejects turbulent continuous water flow from the pressure nozzle at a certain pressure, and the steel bar is cooled by the continuous jet before the liquid flow is broken. It is suitable for the environment with thick water vapor film and high cooling efficiency. When the cooling water comes into contact with the hot steel bar, it will vaporize and form a vapor film. Due to the impact of continuous water flow on the surface, it is difficult to form a stable vapor film on the surface. The surface temperature decreases rapidly, and nucleate boiling is the main heat transfer mode. At the beginning of nucleation boiling, the heat flux Q increases rapidly. When the surface temperature of steel bar and steel tube drops below the lower limit of bubble boiling temperature, boiling stops and heat flux decreases.

There is a single-phase convective heat transfer region just below the jet. With the increase of radius from stagnation point, nucleation boiling and film boiling will appear. The influence factors of heat transfer coefficient are jet velocity and cooling water temperature in single-phase convection, but the temperature and velocity of free fluid have little effect on heat transfer coefficient in complete nuclear boiling. The radius of nucleation boiling is determined by jet velocity and subcooling degree. The time when the heat flux density is higher at a certain position is the time of nucleation boiling. In the case of water spray quenching in production, the quenching intensity H can reach 3-4. Under high-speed cooling, all steel bars are cooled below the martensitic transformation point in a few seconds. The structure of the whole cross-section of the workpiece tends to be uniform, which makes the performance of the steel fully play. In the water spray cooling stage of quenching process, the cooling water is ejected from the annular water spraying device and converges to the surface of the workpiece, and the outlet pressure is as high as 0.3MPa. The steam film on the surface of the workpiece is completely destroyed, which greatly improves the quenching efficiency and product quality.

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