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Anyang customized billet induction heating equipment start production

Anyang customized billet induction heating equipment start production

In the middle of December, the contract signed with Anyang Steel Group for billet induction heating equipment has been officially put into production in Forever factory. This year, Forever produced 20 sets of billet induction heating equipment. 7 sets of them are used for billet induction heating online for hot rolling deformed bars. Others are used for heating the billet from room temperature to 1100℃ for forging.

Thanks our customers for the trust and support to us, Forever will continue the technological innovation and create better billet induction heating equipment to meet the needs of users!

Forever billet induction heating equipment is controlled by SCR series resonant power, and its advantages:

● Parallel resonant design, phase shift power modulation, mature and stable equipment; more advantages for the power for 3000KW above.
● DSP control, speed capture lock start to meet the frequent start and stop, high success rate.
● Frequency conversion adaptive, frequency adaptation range 200-10000Hz, induction furnace replacement will automatically match, without any manual adjustments.
● The cabinet uses T2 copper copper, sandblasting, passivation treatment; low leakage inductance, anti-oxidation, effectively reduce the line loss.
● Full touch-screen control, pure digital tuning, with a complete process records and strict level of authority.
● Power stand-alone can be 50-6000KW, frequency is 200-10000Hz.
Billet induction billet heater: both ends of the furnace body is sealed with copper plates, furnace base is made of high strength aluminum alloy, durable, corrosion-resistant.

Billet induction heating equipment connection cable: power cabinet to the induction heating furnace.

Remote control box: Siemens PLC automatically controls the billet heating temperature. Billet induction heating equipment is using infrared thermometer temperature control: non-contact infrared thermometer can measure the billet temperature at the exit.

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Post time: 12-25-2017