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Advantages of electric induction heating equipment in China

Whether you are buying theinduction heating furnace for , concerns about the advantages and characteristic of equipment, the problems, such as service life of hebei far extension induction furnace, induction heating provides professional mechanical and electrical equipment, quenching heat treatment furnace, tempering heat treatment equipment and other products, induction heating equipment using PLC automatic intelligent control, closed loop temperature control, heat evenly, no burnt, no deformation, no cracks, induction heating equipment quality guarantee, free of charge to provide you with induction heating furnace technical proposal and quotation

induction heating machine

Advantages of yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment are shown as follows:

1. The induction heating equipment is controlled by air-cooled energy-saving power supply and touch screen setting, which is simple to operate and can realize high-power control.

2, compact structure, automatic mechanical transmission mode, induction heater is made of national standard copper tube, long service life.

3. Induction heating equipment, tempering and heat treatment equipment, one-key start function, one person can control the operation of the whole production line.

4. The PLC control system with human-machine interface is adopted. The data of induction heating equipment can be stored for more than 10 years for later inquiry.


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