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A brief analysis of the overall characteristics of the square billet induction heating furnace

A brief analysis of the overall characteristics of the square billet induction heating furnace

Yuantuo is a professional manufacturer of square billet induction heating furnace in China, providing various type of induction billet heater with advanced technology, high quality quality and excellent service, we will serve the customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly.

The billet induction heating furnace has wide application, such as round billet heating before forging, square billet heating before rolling rebars and so on. According to the geometric shape of different materials, it is mainly used in the heating of rod, round steel, square steel, steel plate, inline heating, local heating, heating of metal parts (such as gear, semi shaft connecting rod, bearing and so on) before forging, extrusion, hot rolling and shear heating, as well as the tempering, annealing, and quenching of the whole metal workpiece.

Because the principle of the induction billet heater is electromagnetic induction, its heat is produced in the workpiece itself. After ordinary workers start the billet induction heating furnace for ten minutes to carry on the continuous work of induction heating tasks, and it does not need the professional workers of the furnace to carry out the furnace and the sealing of the furnace in advance. There is no need to worry about the waste of heating furnace due to power failure or equipment failure.

As the induction heating speed is fast and the oxidation layer is less, at least 20-50 kilograms of raw materials are saved per ton of square material than coal fired furnace, and the utilization rate of material can reach 95%. The heating method is uniform in heating, so the temperature difference of the core to surface is very small, and the roughness of the surface of the forging is less than 50um.

Compared with the coal furnace furnace, the workers of the square billet induction heating furnace are no longer baked and smoked by the heat of the coal furnace. The square billet induction heating furnace can meet the requirements of the environmental protection departments. At the same time, the company image and the future development trend of the heating furnace can be set up. Induction heating is a heating method of energy saving in electric heating furnace. The power consumption of one ton from room temperature to 1100 C is less than 360 degrees.

The heat of the square billet induction heating furnace is generated inside the workpiece itself so that the heating is uniform and the temperature difference from surface to core is very small. The application of infrared thermometer can realize accurate measurement and control of temperature and improve product quality and qualified rate. The heating furnace for square billet from Yuantuo has the advantages of fast heating speed, high efficiency, excellent heat processing quality and no pollution in the environment. It is a new generation of metal heating equipment. The stability, safety and reliability of induction heating are the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the foundry forging and heat treatment production line.

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