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50t / h billet induction heating equipment solution

50t / h billet induction heating equipment solution

Steel billet induction heating furnace has widely applied in steel mill at both forging industry or rolling industry. Billet induction heating equipment is specially used for billet preheating before forging or rolling. Generally, the billet induction heating equipment can be divided into cold billet heating and continuous casting billet heating.Now Forever will introduce the inline induction billet heater.
In the communication between our salesperson and customers, we learned that customers need to heat the billet from 650-700 degrees to 800-850 degrees and the production capacity is 50 t / h. As Forever has made billet induction heating equipment for many users, our engineer can give the suitable for billet induction heating in very short time after understanding the technical data user request.

Billet induction heating equipment technical parameters and processing requirements:

1.Steel grade: carbon steel, alloy steel
2.Billet size: 130mm × 130mm × 4250mm (furnace hole 180 * 180, L = 1150mm)
3.The billet maximum curvature before charging the induction billet heater: ≤ 3mm / M
4.Billet surface temperature before heating: ≥ 650 ℃
5. Required temperature for rolling: 800-850 ℃
6.Heating process control: the entire heating process has been achieved by PLC automatic control, and timely display the production records. This console is used alone.
7.Power required: 2500KW
Complete billet induction heating furnace include:

Induction heaters, induction heating power supply, PLC control system, frequency counter, cooling system, infrared thermometer and so on.

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