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2019 what are the main equipment for heat treatment?

Heat treatment is an indispensable process for high-quality metal workpieces. Now the domestic heat treatment technology mature, along with the emergence of a lot of heat treatment equipment, today for you to sort out the heat treatment processing of the main equipment.

1,the metal heat treatment furnace, refers to the furnace heat treatment heating equipment. Because the furnace is heated first and then participates in the heat exchange of the workpiece, the heating property of the heat treatment furnace belongs to indirect heating. Second, the heating device is the heat source directly to the workpiece heating device.

2, its heating properties are direct heating current input directly into the workpiece to heat it, the production of induction current heating workpiece and plasma, laser, electron beam impact workpiece heating, and so on.

3, the surface modification device, mainly gas deposition device and ion implantation device, this kind of technology is different from the traditional heat treatment method of strengthening metal by heating and cooling phase change.

4, the surface oxidation device is a chemical reaction on the surface of the workpiece to form a dense oxide film device.

5, the surface mechanical strengthening device refers to the use of metal shot or pressure to apply pre-stress, so that the workpiece into a surface pressure or pre-stressed state of the device.

6,Quench cooling equipment refers to the equipment used for heat treatment quenching cooling, there are various cooling medium quenching tank, jet quenching device and pressure quenching machine, etc.

7. Cold treatment equipment refers to the equipment used to cool the heat treatment parts below 0 degrees Celsius. Common devices include freezers, dry cold devices and liquid nitrogen cooling devices.

8. Induction heating equipment, which uses electromagnetic principle to heat-treat metal workpiece, and generates heat directly from metal workpiece by inductor in the form of non-contact.

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