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Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment is more suitable!

The ratio performance is higher than the price/ price ratio, and the specific service ratio is better than the service ratio after-sales. For heat-treated customers, it is important to purchase the Steel slab heat treatment equipment, and only in this way can you really buy real induction heat treatment equipment. In order to realize continuous automatic processing and production, a complete set of full automatic induction heating equipment production line is required, and after the induction heating equipment of different brands is compared, the remote-to-large electromechanical induction heating equipment is finally selected.


Ratio of goods to three, Yuantian electromechanical induction heating equipment successfully stand out Tang always and several friends engaged in heat treatment plant business. This year he plans to buy a fully automated slab heating furnace production line to replace the previous manual production model and improve the output and quality of heat treatment products. In the face of a wide variety of intermediate frequency heating equipment on the network, how to choose a cost-effective equipment has become a difficult problem for Tang Dynasty. “after all, the first time to buy induction heating equipment, I do not know the true situation of the brands dare not easily start.” Tang said that in order to choose satisfactory induction heating equipment, to a number of slab heating furnace manufacturers on-the-spot inspection. Through the field investigation, after the three companies, Tang finally chose to buy a set of Yuantuo electromechanical, which customized a set of slab heating furnace according to the work-piece process requirements of Tang. As a well-known brand in domestic induction heating equipment industry, Yuantuo electromechanical production scale, intimate and high-quality service, beautiful appearance, simple operation and high-end electrical configuration, has been highly recognized by Tang Dynasty.

After a certain period of time, the performance of the induction heating equipment for the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical production of the Tang General is not the best. The performance of the remote-to-large electromechanical induction heating equipment is really good, which is a good choice for me, “Tang said.” It is a professional brand in China, and the quality is absolutely first-class. ” In the future, if additional equipment is required, the remote-to-mechanical induction heating equipment is still the preferred brand.


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