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Why we should change the traditional billet rolling process?

Why we should change the traditional billet rolling process?

The traditional billet rolling process is that the billet blank will be sent to rolling mill for different products after cooling.

This process has two flaws:
1.The billet surface temperature can be 500-900 ℃ after charging from the continuous casting machine. The billet latent heat has not been effectively used. After heating, the billet surface oxidation loss can up to 1.5%.

2. The rolling mill adopts energy-saving emission reduction technological transformation in response to the above problems of continuous casting and rolling, but using regenerative furnace heating still can not solve the problem of surface oxidation loss.

In order to fully save energy, billet induction heating equipment should be used to increase the temperature inline and uniform heating.

Forever billet induction heating equipment is mainly used for square billet or round billet heating before rolling. The whole system actions are controlled PLC system, only need to put the billet on the platform, other actions will be finished controlled by PLC.

Advanced temperature closed-loop system will ensure the heating temperature keep the same, which can avoid billet crack or deformation and reduce the rolling mill damage.


Manual feeding in front of the furnace conveyor →Pinch roller conveying device →Billet induction heater→ infrared temperature measurement → manipulator to speed up the fast discharge → discharge mechanism automatically rotated 90 ° and need to be parallel to the rack → cylinder push material to push to the conveyor for rolling

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