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Why should we choose Forever induction heat treating equipment?

Why should we choose Forever induction heat treating equipment?


In the world market, there are various  kinds of induction heat treating equipment. Then which supplier of induction heat treating equipment should we choose? And what should we concern when we  buy the induction heat treating equipment?

Today we would like to introduce Forever induction heat treating equipment:

1.High efficiency and energy saving

Our company’s induction heat treating equipment is using solid state IGBT inverter which is  high efficiency and energy saving and has larger output power; 100% load sustained rate design,available to continuous work;thermal efficiency up to 85%, under the same conditions, our induction heating system can save electricity 40% above than resistive heating, and the preheating time can be shortened 2 / 3.

2.Safe and reliable

Our company’s various types of induction heat treating equipment has full protection function with high reliability. Intelligent control system and perfect protection system can make sure that the induction heat treating equipment can run in the safe and reliable state in a long time.

3.Simple operation

PLL, frequency automatic tracking, automatic control and remote control with contact infrared temperature measurement: Our induction heat treating equipment can  improve heating quality and simplify the operation of the workers to meet the different work piece heating requirement before forging and other heat treatment.

4.Advanced technology

Forever Furnace induction heat treating equipment has many years’ experience and knowledge. At present,we have advanced technology in the field of induction heating,especial medium frequency.

5.Customized design
According to customer demand and work piece material and size, our company can design metal material induction heat treating equipment with different sizes and different power.

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Post time: 06-08-2016