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Why should induction heating equipment be selected for metal heat treatment

The main purpose of.induction heating machine of china is to strengthen its hardness and wear resistance, improve its own service life, so in many heating methods, how do we choose? What kind of heating is better or more appropriate? We recommend induction heating equipment today. Let’s take a look at our reasons:


Basic principles of induction heating equipment:

The workpiece is placed in a hollow copper tube wound sensor, and after the intermediate frequency alternating current is passed into the surface of the workpiece, the inductive current of the same frequency is formed, and the surface of the workpiece is heated rapidly (heating up 800-1000 degrees in a few seconds, the center is still close to room temperature), and the surface layer of the workpiece is hardened immediately after spraying water cooling.

Main features of teleelectric induction heating equipment:

1.The heating speed is fast, the oxidation decarbonization is less. Because the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heating heat is caused by the workpiece itself, the heating mode is fast, the oxidation is very little, the heating efficiency is high, the process repeatability is good, the metal surface is only slightly decolorized, and the surface of the workpiece can be restored to mirror light by slight polishing, thus obtaining constant and consistent material performance effectively.

2. High degree of automation of metal heat treatment equipment, can achieve automatic unmanned operation, improve labor productivity.


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