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Why should hardening and tempering furnace use induction heating technology

Why should hardening and tempering furnace use induction heating technology

In order to improve the steel material mechanical properties and increase the toughness, hardening and tempering process is usually used in the material processing. Then what kind of furnace should we use for the heat treatment?

Nowadays, more and more users are applying induction heating technology to the hardening and tempering furnace, which has replaced conventional heating method. Especially the induction hardening and tempering furnace can do heat treatment for large steel bars and oil pipes. So far Forever long bar induction heat treatment machine has been used for ø30-60mm, ø60-90mm, ø100-120mm solid bars through hardening and tempering, even we have got succeed on the ø280mm bars. What’s more, for the OCTG engineering,  Forever pipe hardening and tempering furnace is widely used for tubing, casing, line pipe, coupling, drill rod, drill collar and sucker rod. More and more foreign customers come to our factory to negotiate their project.

Then why should hardening and tempering furnace use induction heating technology? What is the advantage of it ?

Firstly, there is no decarbonization on the bar or tube surface. If you use fuel furnace to heat the bar or tubes, the material surface will be in the high temperature state for more time, then the decarbonization phenomenon will appear and ferrite crystal will appear on the surface, which will effect the material application performance. Induction heating has advantages of fast heating, means the material can be heated within a few seconds, so the material surface will be only a short time in the high heating temperature state.

Secondly, induction heating is very flexible. For heat treatment plants, they usually need to different lost of steel bars heat treatment, that is , different sizes bars need to obtained different heating temperature to get different properties as per user’s requirements. Then if you use induction hardening and tempering furnace, then this process is very easy and fast. You can cost the Min. cost for your customer’s trial order.

Thirdly, the bars or tubes can get very good straightness after hardening and tempering, this owes to the special heat treatment process and cooling way. Usually, the straightness can be 2mm/m or better. That means you needn’t to buy expensive straightening equipment for your bars or tubes straightness or add extra process for straightness. 

Now, Forever pipe hardening and tempering furnace has already used for the tubing and casting with upset and the pipe body and the upset part can get the constant hardness, which owes to our special design for the upset preheater.

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