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Why much difference for billet induction heating furnace?

Why much difference for billet induction heating furnace?

Spring is coming, it’s warmer and warmer. Th bosses of various industry are planning to invest in equipment upgrading and develop new field. It is the same for billet induction heating furnace industry. Billet induction heating furnace has been widely used for different applications, such as rolling steel balls, rolling rebars or rolling spiral tube.

Before purchasing billet induction heating furnace, customer will surely make a survey to make sure which kind of furnace and process is more energy saving and suitable for their own plant. Also they will make inquires to some manufacturers, and compare their offers then. But they are confused why price has so much different for the same billet induction heating furnace. 

One of important reason is that the main components are different. For the complete billet induction heating furnace, power supply cabinet is the key, which can effect the heating efficiency and power consumption directly. For the button, AC contactor and circuit breaker, there is Siemens and Schneider brand. In order to reduce the cost, supplier can also use domestic brand like Chint brand. The price will be lower 8000USD for one set. But the service life of import brand will be much longer, and there is no problem for 8-10 years. Another important part is the remote console and inverer control cabinet. 

Siemens PLC component

Remote console function: User can operate all the actions on the remote console including start, stop, adjusting process parameters, power display, adjusting frequency and so on . All the parameters will be controlled by PLC as well as temperature closed-loop control system. Siemens PLC and touch screen will be more stable and have much longer service life.

Schneidei component

Inverter control cabinet function: User can adjust the billet transmission speed, heating speed or cooling speed. If you use Siemens inverter, the cost will be much higher. 

For the users that will install billet induction heating furnace at abroad, choosing import brand is better as it can be easily purchased at abroad if there is problem. Seeing the future usage, it is worthy choosing import famous brand components. 

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